The ALUFLEX transport system is definitely a practical response to the needs of industrial transport.

This transport characterized by a polyvertebral chain system is of extreme constructional simplicity for this ensures reliable long-term reliability.

With a full range of accessories, it can be made in a variety of shapes, both horizontally and vertically, to cover the narrowest and most awkward spaces when transporting and depositing the material was entrusted to it.

Maintenance Zero !! = suitable for works of all types and in different working environments, from areas with the lowest production levels to those with the highest hygiene requirements.

ALUFLEX is a structure built with modular components with an easy design and implementation.

With mechanical features of such a high level, with ALUFLEX, the solution is always handy.

In fact, thanks to its robust chain, heavy loads can also be carried out without problems of stability or tension.

The variety of available sizes allows the transport of materials of all kinds, from the smallest to the bigest.

ALUFLEX is a great solution, even in high complexity structures as vertical storage systems, succeeding in a small space to contain large quantities of materials.