It is a modular profile of high-strength aluminum. This structure was conceived and designed to provide maximum flexibility for both dynamic and structural production in support of every company that needs to internally deliver products and materials, depending on the types of materials, the modular component giving it the possibility to easily replace it.

Alutec has performed rigorous testing for each product in a structural manner, achieving a high standard of refinement and reliability while reducing almost all maintenance costs.

This transport technology fits perfectly for pallet handling, both vertically and horizontally, even with high loading capacities.

Alutec already has in its standard structures used for pallet transport, as storage units, stop and centering units, translation and rotating units.

Pallets are transported either by means of a steel chain supported by a support structure for the transport of heavy materials or by means of reinforced polyamide strips supported by an aluminum structure, but used in this case for the transport of materials with a lower weight.

Alutec offers a wide range of structures in standard but also in collaboration we can build customized structures, or developed for various applications by our technical staff.